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The Hummingbirds' Foundation for M.E. (HFME) is fighting for the recognition of M.E.,
and for patients to be accorded the same basic human rights as those with similar
disabling and potentially fatal neurological diseases such as M.S.

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Re: WPI and associated partners announce potential XMRV study results by LK Woodruff

Viral Mind Views...political stances versus actual science by LK Woodruff

"Marked by accusations and back-stabbing, it's the story of how a small but intense movement...rose from a handful of people prone to seeing conspiracies, aided by the Internet, magnified without evidence...and eventually ratified by a small group..."
Sound familiar?!
This quote actually comes from the story posted below (at the end), which you may read or not, as you wish. It is the story about the persistent but incongruous movement that is questioning the validity of Barack Obama's birth on American soil.
I share it with you all at this time because it offers an exemplary corollary to what has occured over the past 20+ years in the absurd and completely unscientific blending of CFS (R53.82), with ME (G93.3), and which has now produced the equally bizarre, vague,  unsupportable, and not formally WHO acknowledged 'blends' of 'CFS/ME' (Wessely School) and 'ME/CFS' (Canadian Criteria), all to the benefit of the vested interests - but with absolutely NO benefit to the patient community (irregardless of what each patient might have.)

To the ESME by LK Woodruff

Correlation vs causation by LK Woodruff

RE: Stand Up For M.E. (USA proposed centers) - Whittemore Peterson Institute

The past 20+ years have been WASTED on things like the USA CDC's 'CFS' (R53.82) a tiny 'syndrome' based on 'fatigue', and written in response to what staffers thought at the time was a chronic Epstein Barr situation...but after what all now seem to agree was actually a ME outbreak.
And the UK Wessely School's 'CFS/ME' (no classification or code) written by this group of psychs to help insurance companies deny patient claims...for which they've been well compensated.
In all of this time, ME (G93.3)--classified by the WHO under Brain, Neuro, CNS--has been grossly ignored, even tho it's patients become ill suddenly from a viral onset event which causes CNS damage, and then quickly morphs into a very debilitating multi-systemic illness. 
ME is still not even formally acknowledged in the USA!!
Elsewhere in the world, thanks largely to the WS efforts, it is assumed to be all about 'fatigue'. Ridiculous, illogical and completely UNscientific 'blending' and 'lumping' together of a now wide and growing variety illnesses has been the result.
An inordinate number of these blended patients actually seem to fall under G05, a form of Encephalitis resulting from things like Epstein Barr, Chicken Pox, CMV, etc. 
Many, many others are simply MISdiagnosed.
Dr Byron Hyde, the most knowledgable ME doc, has himself written up a very lengthy list of 'other' things he's found, after  he's taken the time to do thorough investigations and testings.
A process too often ignored by others....
The patients, and yes, even the (often self-proclaimed) 'experts' involved in this debacle are often woefully illness ignorant. Strict scientific protocols are completely ignored. Details don't seem to matter. Similar in a few minor ways seems to be enough to sway the majority. Differences don't seem to matter to them, nor criterias and definitions, classifications and codes. Illnesses are made up by taking a bit from here, a bit from there, and then adding things together to suit individuals. Terms are both made up and used interchangably, with no regard for accuracy, etc.
This is bizarre behaviour, to say the least....
If these proposed centers the WPI are planning are going to deal with ME (G93.3), then every single person involved, from the White House down, needs to know precisely what ME, G93.3 is. And isn't. 

Commentary on Prevalence CFS in Georgia LK Woodruff

Dr. Wm Reeves needs to be removed immediately from his position! LK Woodruff

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